Eskişehir and Beyond

In Eskişehir we spend a couple of days, having a concert on a really nice sound system, but with almost no audience. Nevertheless, it sparked us to do a nice jam there, the other day. Together with the duo Dark’o’Bairo from Eskişehir.

Besides, Eskişehir, is a nice medium-sized city, with many bicycles and bicycle-roads, also one going all the way along the nice river passing through this town

This snail is placed at the entrance of a walking path. On the other end is a turtle. But just after seeing them both i realised they ymbolize slow speed…

I already knew Çiğ Köfte , spicy balls from Bulgur and a couple of other ingredients. And although i like them, they often (especially in Germany) just come with some lettuce and mint leaves. But here actually some stores have a huge selection of stuff you can put in your dürüm lie Jalapenos, corn, and all kind of greens. Topped of course with the pomegranate-juice and lemon. You can choose between Dürüm, Mega-Dürüm, Ultra-Dürüm or Double-Dürüm 😀

After trying hitchbiking for the first time in the way to Eskisehir, from there to Ankara there was actually no need for it, since we had plenty of time till our next concert there and only around 250km seperates this two citys. But just before we left, Hsiang-Hsin got the message that there will be a Tap-Dance Workshop in Ankara a couple of days later. So we hurried there, in order to make it on time. Eventually we ended up cycling three days, and did the rest by hitchhiking. But in a quite special way this time…

Low-Budget speed control
“christmas-lights” on some industrial complex
This was our shelter for the first night. The bullet holes in the sign above are a bit creepy, but after getting stuck in some really nasty mud, this was more than nice. The mud was almost like chewing gum and even after we pushed our bikes (with blocked wheels) out of the mud and back on the street, it took us till the next day when we found running water, to make the wheels properly turn again.
A village between Eskisehir and Ankara
Another village
Practicing to get a tone out of this Kaval we got from a friend in Bergama
Interesting rocket-like minarett
The second night we asked some locals for a good space to camp, and they led us to this empty trailer. They even made a fire for us inside. Lucky!
The next morning we had this view to wake up to…
Spring is coming
The landscape was mostly like this on this route: huge plains, with few people and mountains in the background.
In Turkey there is plenty of cheap and nice chocolate bars with creative names and designs. Like the one in the middle, where you hardly can read the name, because they pixelated the whole thing. From the Maximus, there exists also another, longer version called ‘Maximus Loading’
In the gas station, we asked if we may pitch our tent in the backyard, because there was a big roof and it was already raining the whole day. This trucker overheard our question and invited us to stay with him this night! We were very glad over this opportunity, since we were completely wet. We learned some more turkish and had a nice warm dinner.
The next day he gave us a ride in the direction to Ankara, transporting our bikes between some scrap metal.
Thank you Fatih!
From Polatli we were actually determined to cycle a bit, but my wheel started to behave weird again (After buying it new in Athens and having problems after cycling a few hundred kilometers, i fixed it for the second time in Ankara already. I really hope this time it will hold.) So we had no choice than hitchhiking. But this one was really too easy: Only one minute and this guy stopped for us and we put our bikes on his pick-up. He turned out to play Kemanje in a band before and brought us all the way to Ankara. Thank you Muharrem!

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