Art is dead in Ankara

Artwork by Apoteke, Sketch by Thomas Buchanan

In Ankara we had another event organized by the A.I.D.-Collective, who also hosted us in Istanbul. It got cancelled, but they found another venue, and it worked out well. Here is some footage of the Workshops, a meet’n’play concert Malikah had with a Kemence (little string-instrument played with a bow) and a guitar, and a recording of my Live-set. Enjoy!

Sezgi, Apo and Hsiang-Hsin in front of the bi-weekly market
We will miss this garden…

Thanks a lot to Apo and Sezgi, as well as Mine for taking care of us in Ankara! We had a really great time here, and that mostly thanks to you and also the people who came to the shows and the workshops.

Also i finally had the chance to fix some stuff i wanted to fix for a long while and we will probably soon have leg-powered phone-charger… But i will keep you updated.

Soon we will leave for Capadocya, this magic place i have been three years before and personally is one of my most favourite places i know on this planet. I can’t wait to explore it again! Probably there is not much happening in the next weeks in terms of concerts or the likes. Hopefully there will be something happening in Georgia, but we probably won’t arrive there before the end of April.


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