Music from Bicycles During our trip we slowly discovered the musical potential of bicycles. We started to put our bikes on the stage and playing on them during our concerts. We gradually also had more and more ideas of music instruments, using bicycle parts as the main material. However, with us always on the move and neither … Continue reading Music from Bicycles


Quiet days in ̶C̶l̶i̶c̶h̶y̶ Tbilisi

We were playing a concert in Tbilisi, in a venue called Backstage 76. In the last minute, it was joined by our Couchsurfing host, Christopher Manning, who turned out to be a multiinstrumentalist and experimental musician, and who joined us with his bass clarinette. I quite enjoyed our set, aswell as the concert before us, … Continue reading Quiet days in ̶C̶l̶i̶c̶h̶y̶ Tbilisi

Art is dead in Ankara

Artwork by Apoteke, Sketch by Thomas Buchanan In Ankara we had another event organized by the A.I.D.-Collective, who also hosted us in Istanbul. It got cancelled, but they found another venue, and it worked out well. Here is some footage of the Workshops, a meet'n'play concert Malikah had with a Kemence (little string-instrument played with … Continue reading Art is dead in Ankara

Announcement: Concerts in Athens on 17th and on 20th January

Finally a concert again. After many weeks cycling after we left Tirana, were we didn't make too much music at all, we are spending now one week in Athens. We are going to play on 17th in a private setting, please contact me if you want to come.On January the 20th we will do a … Continue reading Announcement: Concerts in Athens on 17th and on 20th January