Sheeps, Sheeps and Sheeps!

If you remember, just when we left the plains around Mount Ararat, and started to go uphill, the sky darkened, there were strong winds, and our drinking water was finished. On top of it my bicycle started to behave weirdly and i had to push it. The next humans settlement seemed very far, so we … Continue reading Sheeps, Sheeps and Sheeps!


“We can’t stop here, this is Hazelnut Country!”

The next day, when we resurrected from our deep sleep, it was snowing in Akkuş. We still had 60km to go to the Black Sea, and it didn't exactly seem like it was all going down hill. So we hitched another truck going around halfway. The views out of the truck's window were spectacular, although … Continue reading “We can’t stop here, this is Hazelnut Country!”