The Blog

This Site tries to document the travel of Malikah and Rübezahl, two musicians on their way from Germany to Taiwan – by bicycle. During our trip we want to meet local musicians and jam with them, want to learn about music in other cultures and also share our music with the people wherever we come.
So besides telling stories from the road and the people we meet, i also will occasionally share about music we came across or footage from our concerts. This trip is as much about music as it is about cycling (or food, culture, people). I might not write about each of our travel parts in detail, or might do so very delayed. The blog is not aiming to give full account of our trip, but rather being a collection of articles, as chaotic as our life on the road.

The Route

The Route took us so far (as of October 2019) through Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Nepal and India. In most of these countries we played concerts or jammed with local musicians. In Iran we spent one month in Tehran, building music instruments from old bicycle parts, which resulted in a public event, where everyone was invited to try these instruments out and play together.
More about that, in this article.

After that we will visit Myanmar and Thailand, perhaps Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

The Musicians

Me, the author of this blog, is Rübezahl, an instrument builder, musician, and DJ from Germany. Starting with programming beats on Renoise, i now program beats on my Gameboy and play Xaphoon, a kind of Low-Budget Clarinette, which i occasionally pimp with some extensions. All this garnished with a couple of self-built gadgets.

Rübezahl Soundcloud

Rübezahl Mixcloud

Rübezahl Bandcamp

Malikah is a tap dancer and vocalist from Taiwan. After studying the tap in the capitol of tap, New York City, Malikah is now travelling around the world and experimenting with all kind of musicians and sounds. Besides tap dance and her voice, she also is playing a tank drum and various surprising sounds. She likes to take found objects on site and implement them in the performance.

Together we have a duo called “Stampf!”, ranging between Free Improvisation, Experimental Music, and Performance. You can get a (sonic) glimpse of what we are doing here: Stampf! live @ Potse Berlin

So if you read this and you think you might live somewhere along the route or you know someone who does, and you want to meet us, jam with us, book us, or anything else, please come forward! We are also giving workshops for tap dance, building electronic music gadgets, improvisation and the basics of electronic music production.