Almost three years ago, we passed with our bikes through Turkey, staying with this young student Eser in Aksaray. He turned out to be a rapper as well, and he showed us his new Cubase. We made a beat on the spot and recorded a song in two days ( I only played the Xaphoon, … Continue reading Respect!


“We can’t stop here, this is Hazelnut Country!”

The next day, when we resurrected from our deep sleep, it was snowing in Akkuş. We still had 60km to go to the Black Sea, and it didn't exactly seem like it was all going down hill. So we hitched another truck going around halfway. The views out of the truck's window were spectacular, although … Continue reading “We can’t stop here, this is Hazelnut Country!”

Salt Lakes, Whirling Derwishes and a Rap Song

It's been almost a month since i was writing here, and there was so much happening since then, that i don't really know where to start or how to split all this up in several posts. Since Ankara we hitchhiked and cycled already around 1500km. We went to Aksaray, where we originally just wanted to … Continue reading Salt Lakes, Whirling Derwishes and a Rap Song

Art is dead in Ankara

Artwork by Apoteke, Sketch by Thomas Buchanan In Ankara we had another event organized by the A.I.D.-Collective, who also hosted us in Istanbul. It got cancelled, but they found another venue, and it worked out well. Here is some footage of the Workshops, a meet'n'play concert Malikah had with a Kemence (little string-instrument played with … Continue reading Art is dead in Ankara