Almost three years ago, we passed with our bikes through Turkey, staying with this young student Eser in Aksaray. He turned out to be a rapper as well, and he showed us his new Cubase. We made a beat on the spot and recorded a song in two days ( I only played the Xaphoon, though). For shooting the video, he followed us to nearby Cappadocia, and we shot it in one afternoon (it was my birthday). He hitchhiked, and the driver who gave him a ride decided to help us, drove us to the different sets and even played a role (can you guess which one? Write it in the comments!). Although we were very efficient back then, but because after that we continued to cycle for another year, it took until now that Hsiang-Hsin finally cut the video, and we are able to share it with everybody. Hope you enjoy this little artefact of our travel!

Eser also has his own youtube channel with a lot of his music, feel free to check it out:


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