Wohoo we did it! Our first time hitchbiking on this trip!

I was always very skeptical if it would work well, and although Hsiang-Hsin had already some experience with it in Germany, and France, it’s a different story with two bikes and two people. But it worked like a charm and we arrived in Eskişehir not just in time, but even hours before the soundcheck!

We left Istanbul really late and when we left the Metro (We first took the ferry to Kadiköy and then the Metro to the last stop) it was already dark. We cycled along the road for a while, but it was quite busy and didn’t feel to good, so we found a nice place to camp. And in the morning we got up in time and started to hitchhike quite immediatly. We didn’t have to wait very long, i had much longer waiting times without a bike before, not to speak of TWO bikes! Although I didn’t try hitchhiking in Turkey before, so maybe Turkey is just very nice for that in general. For sure it is easier to find someone have space for bikes, like pick-ups and Vans, and also willing to take them, than on the over-regulated highways of the European Union.

Taking the ferry was super easy. Like always. Just the regular far of 3 TL (0,50 €) and push the bike on the ferry and leave it at the entrance with all the luggage on it. I think ferry is my most favourite public transport to take with the bike.
First time, excited! (Pic by Hsiang-Hsin)
Discarded vehicles and a mosque
Our first driver. Sorry i forgot your name! (Pic by Hsiang-Hsin)
We just stuffed the bicycles in the car, with all the luggage on them.
Our second driver Iskender, gave us a ride straight to Eskişehir. He was driving a little bus. His job was to transport engineers betweens some cities and he was going directly to Eskişehir. There was no luggage compartment, but since he was doing an empty trip, we managed to stuff our luggage on all the seats and our bicycles between the seats. (Pic by Hsiang-Hsin)

This experience let me appreciate travelling with bicycle even more, because it shows that we can connect it with my other favourite mean of transportation, hitchhiking, and don’t have to rely on public transportation like busses or trains. Also because we had a couple of bad experiences with taking these, and it’s always unnerving to see strangers stuff your bike in some luggage compartment. Of course with hitchhiking the bikes are not always stored in the perfect way either, but the drivers take more care, or let us just do it ourselves (at least so far). It adds even more freedom to travelling by bike, and it’s good to know that this long distance which is lying in front of us can be also shortened if necessary.


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