A.I.D. Room, Istanbul

Last Saturday we had our first concert in Istanbul. It was a big event, with many interesting concerts, organized by the A.I.D.-collective. Unfortunately the footage of the concerts themselves (ours and others) didn’t turn out too well. But here are some pictures of the night. We had a concert as Stampf!, and Hsiang-Hsin’s foot is still not completely healed, but already much better so she could dance a little. And also i played a Gameboy-Centered Soloset, wich was really fun. Thanks a lot to everyone involved and to the people dancing to my Gameboy-Set in the end. It’s not easy to make people dance in a cinema 😉

Arrive in Style, with the bicycle. We also use the bike for our sounds now!
She is preparing for the performance where she also uses these tools
Luckily they brought all this tools, so they could help fix Malikahs tapboard on the spot.
Mutfak Underground was there again, cooking delicious Zuccini-Spaggethi with Pesto.

Hsiang-Hsin made a couple of funny gifs from my set.


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